How can you tell good quality cashews? How to know if the raw cashew nut kernels high quality? how to check the quality of cashew nuts kernels? are very common questions. Cashew is the most commonly eaten dry fruit after almonds. Cashew should be purchased only after identifying the good quality. Let’s know how to identify it? how to check the quality of cashew nuts when buying at market?

A. Distinguishing Quality By Cashew Appearances

Cashews are nuts that are very perishable and lose quality due to external factors. For cashews to reach consumers, they often have to go through many difficult stages from: steaming cashews, splitting shells, separating silk, drying, sorting, packing… In that process, more or less, cashew kernels will also suffer damage, which is inevitable. Accordingly, looking with the naked eye to identify the appearance of cashew nuts, we can see more or less the quality of the cashew nuts, whether they are of high quality or not? Here are 5 Easy ways to distinguish quality cashews by identifying their appearance

To know the high quality of raw cashew nuts or not, we rely on the following 5 big factors:

  1. Cashew nuts kernels are less damaged, the better quality they are
  2. Cashew kernels are completely clean, which means good quality
  3. Color Of Cashew Kernels is White, which means good quality
  4. A bigger size Of Cashew kernels means higher quality.
  5. The long expiration date, good quality
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The Less Damaged The Better Quality

Cashew nuts are damaged by worms (known as: black spots on cashews, dark spots on cashews) when dark spots appear on the surface of the cashew kernel. The shriveled appearance of the nuts and discolorations such as black dots on cashews can indicate that there are worms in them. Visible holes in cashews can also be a sign of insect presence. These kernels damaged by worms affect the aesthetics and make the seeds taste bitter and acrid. That why the less damaged the cashew kernels, the better quality they are.

Less Damaged The Cashew Kernels The Better The Quality They Are

Less Damaged The Cashew Kernels The Better The Quality They Are

The Fewer Husk Peels Left, The Better They Are

The husk of cashews (cashew testa) is slightly acidic. Although it does not affect our health, it causes an itchy neck and cough when used a lot. While buying cashews, if they are completely clean, means good quality.

If cashew kernels are completely clean without testa skin (husk skin), they are in good of quality.

If cashew kernels are completely clean without testa skin (husk skin), they are good of quality.

Color Of Cashew Kernels

In the cashew nut classification system, the high-quality cashew nuts mean the white whole kernels, not having dark spots or reddish shades on the kernel surface. Do not buy cashew nuts if it turns into light yellow, because they are influenced by oil from the shell. White cashew kernels are higher quality than scorched cashews

  • Whole White Cashew Nut Kernels: The entire cashew nut will be of the same and consistent ivory/ white color. This is a higher quality of cashew nut grade.
  • Scorched Cashew Nut Kernels: Having darker and reddish shades on the kernel surface. This color change could be due to different factors like longer roasting, bug bites, cashew damages, influenced by oil from the shell.  This is a lower quality cashew nut grade.

Size Of Cashew Kernels

The larger the kernels, the more delicious they are, the more nutrients in the nut kernels, the greater the value. For Example Top high-quality Vietnam cashew:

  1. Vietnam Cashew W240 is a large, white, whole cashew with non-damaged that has between 220 and 240 nuts/pound (395 – 465 beans/kg) and is known internationally as Premium Large Nuts. This is the highest grade of cashew nuts originating in Vietnam.
  2. Vietnam Cashew W320 is the cashew nut kernels with high quality, whole nuts with non-damaged, and non-split and white, popular whole cashew that would produce between 300 – 320 pieces per pound (453,59 g) – (about 660 – 706 pieces per kg), and is known internationally as Large Nuts
  3. Vietnam Cashew W450 is a small, white, whole-grain cashew that has between 400 and 450 nuts/pound (880 – 990 beans/kg) and is known internationally as Standard Nuts.
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W320 Cashew Whole White  Cashew Nuts Kernel exporter in Vietnam

W320 Cashew Whole White  Cashew Nuts Kernel exporter in Vietnam

Long Expiration Date

Yes, this is of course! The long expiration date is good. Although cashew nuts have been roasted and dried, Over time, the quality of the seeds and the taste will not be as crispy as before. The shelf life of cashews when well preserved can be up to 1 year. So when buying cashew nuts, you need to store the cashew kernels well. Put them in a cool place or the refrigerator after opening the bag, so the shelf life of cashew nuts maybe longer.

Raw Image Of W320 Cashew Nuts From Our Cashew Factory In Binh Phuoc, Vietnam

Raw Image Of W320 Cashew Nuts From Our Cashew Factory In Binh Phuoc, Vietnam

B. Distinguishing Quality By Taste And Texture

To know how good quality cashews are and rely on the above external characteristics of cashews, we need to taste cashews to feel their taste and texture from there to evaluate the quality accurately best.

Taste: delicious and greasy

High-quality cashews are cashews that, when eaten, have a rich flavor, similar to almonds or peanuts. It can be difficult to distinguish cashew butter from other nut butter like peanut or almond when pureed.

Hạt điều có chất lượng cao là hạt điều khi ăn chúng có hương vị béo ngậy

Texture: crispy, fleshy, dry, not greasy

For cashews delicious when eaten often brings feelings fleshy, brittle, and dry. If the cashews do not meet the standards in the processing and storage process, it will create an oily taste, the cashews will become friable instead of crispy, not rancid & have no strange smell like mold.

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Hạt điều ngon có kết cấu hạt: giòn, bùi, không ẩm, không hôi

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