Black Soldier Fly Larvae Have Many Benefits! BSF larvae are the BSF’s most valuable stage. What are the values of BSF larvae? For what purposes are they used? Is it easy to raise them? All things about Black Soldier Fly (BSFL) are in the article below. 

What is Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (know as BSFL, another name: Calcium worm, Calci Worms) are the larvae of the black soldier fly larvae stage (day 5 to 22). This is the stage that creates the most value for the black soldier fly breeder. At this stage, the breeder can sell the larvae as high-quality aquarium fish feed, pet food, oil extraction, organic waste treatment … and many other applications. 

Black soldier fly larvae size (in their last larval stage, 22 – 28 days old):

  • Length: 27 mm
  • Width: 6 mm
  • Weight: up to 220 mg

A good temperature range for the larvae is 25-32C (77-89F). During the winter or in low-light intensity, the larvae may turn motionless. If it drops below 15C (60F), they’ll be inactive & go into hibernation mode. If this is the case, it is completely normal and you don’t have to worry anything about it.

Comparison between: 4 days old larvae and 14 day old larvae

Comparison between: 4 days old larvae and 14-day old larvae

There are innumerable benefits generated from BSF larvae, which serve as an excellent alternative to the increasingly expensive livestock food in the world. In addition, these larvae also help improve the environment by eating and decomposing a large amount of organic waste, farm waste, food scraps … in farms, sewers, cities. Black soldier fly larvae are completely harmless and do not have any pathogens that can harm humans and animals, confirmed by FAO, WHO. In addition, BSF larvae are known to not accumulate any kinds of toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals which are all removed through feces. Whole BSF larvae can therefore be fed by other animals or processed as livestock feed. Benefits of black soldier fly larvae: Recycler, Decomposer, Protein source for animal feed…

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (another name: calcium worm, bsfl) are the larvae of the black soldier fly larvae stage (day 5 to 22)

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (another name: calcium worm, BSFL) are the larvae of the black soldier fly larvae stage (day 5 to 22)

What Can Black Soldier Fly Larvae Eat?

Black Soldier fly larvae are omnivorous and greedily-eating, they eat most of the leftovers such as rotten vegetables, beer residue, soybean residue, organic waste, rice residue, agricultural residues, animal excrement, … and many more. 

Type of food source for black soldier fly larvae feed:

  • Agricultural residues – Are types of waste produced during the production process of the agricultural sector such as spoiled fruits and vegetables, dead crops, beer residues, soybean residues, rice residues
  • Waste from livestock farm – Are wastes from the livestock farms such as manure of cow, buffalo, pig, goat, chicken, duck, …
  • Organic waste from the city – Are leftovers and leftovers from: restaurants, hotels, from households …

@ More Info: The digestibility of BSF larvae is the strongest of all insects: they seem able to digest most of the soft small organic waste.

How Much Can BSFL Eat Daily?

The BSF larvae themselves can consume 5-10 times their weight. This means they can eat 5-10 kg of food easily if you let them. On average, BSF larvae consume twice their body weight per day. Imagine a person weighing 70 kg eats 140 kg of food per day for two weeks, the amount of extremely huge nutrients is stored in that body. These little monsters regularly achieve this feat. To get about 1 kg of black soldier fly larvae, the food we need to feed them is around 3-5 kg daily

Organic waste from our city are the best food source for black soldier fly larvae

Organic waste from our city are the best food source for black soldier fly larvae

Are Black Soldier Fly Larvae Dangerous?

No Danger – Black Soldier Fly! BSF larvae feed is the only rotten organic waste. They do not eat live plants or root systems instead of decomposed organic debris. BSF larvae feed solely on dead decaying organic matter. They don’t eat on living plants or root systems and instead seek out decaying organic debris, feeding on the organic byproducts, decaying cells, and microbes present in waste materials susceptible to decomposition.

No Danger! BSF larvae feed is the only rotten organic waste.

No Danger! BSF larvae feed is the only rotten organic waste.

Nutritional Of Black Soldier Fly Larva.

Since BSF larvae are very voracious, they thrive and consume significant amounts of organic things, and convert them into stored nutrients. Therefore, BSF larvae are flies larvae with extremely high nutritional value. Nutrient composition of BSF larvae includes: 43% protein, 34% fat, 6% Calcium, 1.2% Phosphorus… In particular, the protein of the fly larvae is rich in lysine, 54% of the fat of the larvae is lauric acid, an acid that kills the virus with lipids (such as HIV, measles) as well as Clostridium and pathogenic protozoa. 

The nutrient content of BSF larvae: 

  • Protein: 43 – 51%.
  • Fat: 30 – 34%
  • Calcium: 6.2 – 8%
  • Phosphorus: 1 – 1.2%
 Test Reported: Nutritional Value Of Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Test Reported: Nutritional Value Of Black Soldier Fly Larvae – Kimmy Farm Vietnam

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Used For?

BSF larvae are currently being used popularly in the livestock industry in many countries around the world. They are used as a high-value sustainable protein food source for a variety of things such as chickens, fish, wild pigs, birds, ornamental birds, reptiles, lizards, turtles, cats, and dogs … many other types of livestock,  black soldier fly larvae chicken feed. The larvae do not accumulate pesticides, toxins, molds, heavy metals…. since all will be removed from their bodies through their feces. They are widely used as food for pets and for the livestock industry (approved in the US as pet food in March 2018; EU 2017)

Type of animal that can eat black soldier fly larvae:

  • Poultry food: Chicken, fighting chicken, pheasant (turkey), duck, goose, pigeon …
  • Cattles food: buffalo, cow, pig, goat, sheep, rabbit …
  • Food for fish: Tilapia, frog, baba, basa fish, Asian Arowana, Catfish, shark …
  • Food for Pet: Bearded dragon, leopard gecko, Tortoises, salamanders, chameleon, and any reptile or amphibian,…BSF larvae can be the mixed food for cats, dogs, ornamental birds …
  • Food for humans: in-progress research and development. Currently, Vietnam has also started selling clean dried black soldier fly larvae for people to eat.

What Products Made From BSF Larvae?

There are a lot of products now made from black soldier fly larvae. 

  • Whole BSF Larvae: are the live black soldier fly from BSF farm. 
  • Dried Whole BSF Larvae: are the BSF larvae are dried to make the product easier to transport.
  • BSFL Meal: is a powder made from the larvae of the black soldier fly after being pressed to replace fishmeal in the livestock industry. Nowadays, Black soldier fly larvae meal is increasingly used by livestock farms
  • BSFL Oil: is pressed from the larvae and mixed into animal feed, or made bio-products. Oil prepared from BSF larvae has a high concentration of protein, lauric acid… that is good for animal feed.
  • BSFL Organic Manure: is the type of feces released from the larvae of the fly during their growth.
  • Pharmaceutical (under research): AWME substance extracted from BSF larvae fat is under study because they have antibacterial properties similar to antibiotics.

The Price Of Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

Black soldier fly larvae price will vary greatly based on their age when sold. Depending on the purpose of use, you can buy black soldier fly larvae by the right age such as 4 days old, 14 days old, 28 days old.

4 Types of  black soldier fly larvae are commonly sold:

BSF Larvae - 2 Weeks after Growing

The BSF Larvae commonly sold 

Where To Buy Black Soldier Fly Products?

You Can Buy Black Soldier Fly Larvae From Vietnam, our BSF larvae are farming from Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc – Vietnam, where the soil & climate is most suitable for them.

Kimmy’s Farm – specializes in providing products related to BSF such as BSF eggs, BSF larvae, BSF pupae, BSFL oil, BSL Meal… We have a black soldier fly farm at the clean agricultural farming area in Binh Phuoc and a representative office for your convenience in HCMC. We are a clean and modern agricultural farm with the desire to share the best with many people and develop the clean agricultural ecosystem of Vietnam. Please contact us if you are in need of a supplier for BSF Larvae.

Our Contact Infomation – Kimmy’s Farm:

  • Phone/Zalo: 0947729829 (Ms. Hanh)
  • Whatapps/Viber: +84947729829 (English & VN)
  • Email:
  • BFS Farm: Ben Kinh Hamlet, Don Thuan Commune, Bau Bang District, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam
  • BFS Farm & Cashew Growing Area: Nghia Binh Commune, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc, Vietnam

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