The kernel is the main product that cashew is cropped for. They have a nutty flavor and a rich taste to be USED in recipes of salted cashew nuts, honey cashews, whole-grain salt-roasted cashews, chili garlic cashews, wasabi cashews …or to be processed by salting, sugaring, flavoring, roasting, oil frying, or industrial processing into cashew cheese or cashew butter …

  • Whole Cashew Kernels are mainly consumed roasted and salted.
  • Broken Kernels are used in the food industry (chocolate factory, pastry factory, biscuit factory).
  • Meal of Cashew Kernels are used for Animal feed or cattle feed, mix into the food for the animal.
  • Pressing of the Kernels gives the oil used to produce cosmetics or in food preparations.

About Cashew Kernels In Vietnam

In Vietnam, Cashew Kernels (in Vietnam: hạt điều nhân, hạt điều) are the name of the raw cashew nuts after going through the Processing of cashew nuts. Cashew Kernel has been grading them carefully to superior standards required by top food companies all over the world. Since 2006, Vietnam has become the largest producer of cashew Kernels, with an export volume of 127,000 tonnes worth US$504 million. In 2020, Vietnam expects to export 450,000 tonnes of cashew kernels with a total value of US$3.28 billion.

Process of Producing Vietnam Cashew Kernels

  • Collection & Drying: The raw cashew nuts (RCN) are collected from the farmers and dried in the sun to remove excess moisture. It is then subjected to four-step processing before packing, which includes the steam roasting, shell cutting, peeling, and grading
  • Steam Roasting: The outer shell of the raw cashew nuts has to be removed to produce the edible cashew kernel. The outer shell of the cashew is very hard and it contains a corrosive oil that is harmful for human consumption. The process of steam roasting helps in the removal of this hardshell with minimal effort. The raw cashew nuts are put in a drum connected to a mini boiler. The steam from this mini boiler is passed over the cashew nuts placed in the drum for a period of 10 -15 minutes. These cashew nuts are left in the drum for 20 minutes for proper roasting. The roasted cashew nuts are then taken out of the drum and placed in the open air for a period of around 12 hours to let them cool down and help in the removal of the cashew shells.
  • Shell Cutting: After Steam Roasting is complete, the cashew nuts are peeled off quickly to remove the outer shell to get the inner kernel. This is a very difficult stage, requiring skilled workers to separate the shell without breaking the inner core. After the peeling process, we will get 2 products: raw cashew shell, cashew nut kernel with soft shell (husk testa).
  • Peeling: a process where the inner shell of the kernel is removed so as to produce white nuts. The peeling process is designed to remove the softshell, which is enhanced by the cold treatment. This step of agro-processing will give out the white-colored cashew nuts that are sent to the grading department. In which, the Raw Cashew Kernels are passed through the classification & grading department to consider their level.
  • Grading: The cashew nut classification process is designed to classify cashew nuts kernel nuts into different grades for export.

Nutrition Of Cashew Kernels

The kernel has a wrinkled surface and is covered by a reddish-brown as a pink testa. The kernel is white and is having high nutritional quality. The variety or growing conditions have an influence on kernel composition.

Content Cashew Fruits (gm) Cashew Kernels (gm)
Ribofl avin0.20
Ascorbic acid0.250

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Types Of Cashew Kernels Grades

Vietnam Cashew kernels are graded based on their size, shape, color. A grade is denoted by two or more alphabets and a number.

Viet Nam’s cashew industry base-on the following standards:

  • The Association of Food Industries of New York (AFI’s),
  • TCVN 4850 1998 – Vietnam cashew nuts kernel and technical request,
  • Combined Edible Nut Trade Association (CENTA), UK and
  • Grade specifications as followed by the CEPCI

Alphabets in the cashew kernels grades name stand for:

  • W – White
  • WW – White Wholes
  • S – Scorched
  • SS – Scorched Splits
  • SP – Scorched Pieces
  • SW – Scorched Wholes
  • D – Dessert 
  • B – Butts 
  • BB – Baby Bits
  • P – Pieces

4 Main categories Of Grading cashew kernels grades are:

  • Whole grades – Whole-grain cashew kernel
  • Broken grades –  Kernel is broken during the processing of raw cashew nuts
  • Scorched grades – Kernels may be scorched, slightly darkened due to over-heating while roasting or drying in a drier
  • Dessert grades – Kernels may be deep scorched, deep brown, Deep blue, speckled, discolored, and black spotted

A. List Of  White Whole Cashew Kernel Grades Category

White Whole Cashew Kernels GradeCount per kgCount per pound
WW-180266 – 395 nuts140 – 180 nuts
WW-210395 – 465 nuts180 – 210 nuts
WW-240485 – 530 nuts220-240 nuts
WW-320660 – 706 nuts300 – 320 nuts
WW-450880 – 990 nuts400 – 450 nuts
WW-5001022-1120 nuts460-500 nuts

B. List Of Broken Cashew Kernel Grades Category

Broken Cashew Kernels GradeDetail – Nut kernels
LWPLarge White/pale ivory/light ash Pieces of Cashew Kernels
SWPSmall White/pale ivory/light ash Pieces of Cashew Kernels
WBWhite/pale ivory/light ash Broken in crosswise of Cashew Kernels
WSWhite/pale ivory/light ash Split naturally in lengthwise of Cashew Kernels
SBYellow/Light brown/Light Ivory/Light ash-grey/Deep ivory broken in crosswise of Cashew Kernels
SSYellow/Light brown/Light Ivory/Light ash-grey/Deep ivory Split naturally in lengthwise of Cashew Kernels
SPSmall Pieces of Cashew Kernels
BBPlemules and broken Kernels smaller than those described 

C. List Of Scorched Wholes Cashew Kernel Grades Category

Scorched Whole Cashew Kernels GradeCount per kgCount per pound
SW-180266 – 395 nuts140 – 180 nuts
SW-210395 – 465 nuts180 – 210 nuts
SW-240485 – 530 nuts220-240 nuts
SW-320660 – 706 nuts300 – 320 nuts
SW-450880 – 990 nuts400 – 450 nuts
SW-5001022-1120 nuts460-500 nuts

D. List Of Desert Wholes Cashew Kernel Grades Category

Broken Cashew Kernels GradeDetail
DW1Deep yellow, brown, amber, or light to deep blue. Kernels may be slightly shriveled, immature, or maybe brown speckled or blemished on the surface, provided that not more than 60 percent of the kernels are affected
DW2Kernels may be over scorched, dark yellow, light blue, dark blue, 60% rate on the surface
DW3dark brown, blue, more than 60% rate on the surface
SK1Black, brown, or other colored spots in aggregate over 1 mm caused by the pre-harvest attack on the kernel, at least 1 colored spot or 2 light spots appear on the outer surface of the kernels
SK2Black, brown, or other colored spots in aggregate over 1 mm caused by the pre-harvest attack on the kernel, at least 2 colored spots or 3 light spots
SK3Black, brown, or other colored spots in aggregate over 1 mm caused by the pre-harvest attack on the kernel, at least 3 colored spots or 4 light spots

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