Black Soldier Fly Meal (also known as calcium worm powder, BSFL meal, Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal, black soldier fly flour ) is being used more and more popularly to make high-quality animal feed around the World! BSFL meal powder made from pureed black soldier fly larvae has been approved by many countries (US, EU, AUS…) as a substitute for fishmeal sources in livestock production. So what is a black soldier fly meal? Nutrition of black soldier fly meal like? Let’s find out with Kimmy Farm through the article below.

What is Black Soldier Fly Larva Powder?

BSF larvae powder (also known as fly larvae powder, bsfl powder, and calcium worm powder) is a nutrient-rich powder obtained after pureeing of BSF larvae.

BSFL meal with High Quality from Our Farm

BSFL meal with High Quality from Our Farm

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal As A Fishmeal Substitute

The Black Soldier Fly Powder is finely ground from BSF larvae that are being used by the US / Canada / EU … and many other developed countries as a source of raw materials to produce animal feed instead of fishmeal, cornmeal, and flour Chickpeas, palm powder, cornstarch… Traditional.

In addition, with the high content of protein and fat in the BSF larvae, they are thought to completely replace the use of fishmeal sources. In March 2018, the American Feed Control Association (AAFCO) agreed to the request of American food manufacturers to introduce pureed insects and larvae (of which mainly black soldier fly) into high-quality animal feed for cattle, poultry, birds, salmon, arctic fish, pet food, pet food other farming ……

=> For More Info: AAFCO Association Accepts BSF Larvae as Pets Food

High Quality Pure Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder At Kimmy Farm Company

High-Quality Pure Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder At Kimmy Farm Company

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Price Is Very Competitive

BSF is a beneficial species, it is omnivorous, has a very strong vitality, a fast reproductive rate, no disease, and is widely propagated, so the cost of products produced from them today is very cheap. The economic benefit is more than simply using BSF for feed when comparing them with other traditional flours.

High-Quality Pure Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder At Kimmy Farm Company - 1

High-Quality Pure Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder At Kimmy Farm Company – 1

Where to Buy Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder?

Kimmy Farm – is a brand specializing in the production and export of agricultural products in Vietnam. We have a black soldier fly farm in Tay Ninh and a cashew growing area in Binh Phuoc. The main export products of the company are products from Black soldier fly (BSFL meal, BSFL oil…)cashew nuts kernels, catfish from the Mekong Delta. We are a supply partner for several customers from USA, Australia, South Africa, UAE, India, Singapore, Japan, and many others. Besides, we also have a team of staff with many years of experience working in large processing factories in Vietnam. We are an Exporter/Farmer/Manufacturer of Black Soldier Fly in Vietnam. Please contact us if you need a source of Products from Black Soldier Fly.

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