BSFL Rich In Nutrients

BSFL are rich in a range of nutrients. Dried BSF larvae contain up to 50% protein, 35% fat (with an amino acid composition similar to fishmeal), 6% Calcium, 1.2% Phosphorus, 1% Magnesium, 0.3% sodium … Therefore, BSF larvae are recognized and used as alternative protein sources for poultry, pigs and some fish and shrimp species.

A summary of the basic Nutritional Value in BSF larvae:

NUTRIENT % Nutritional Value – 100g Dried BSF Larvae
Protein 50%
Fat 35%
Calcium 6%
Phosphorus 1,2%
Magnesium 1%
Sodium 0,3%

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Ấu Trùng Ruồi Lính Đen Giàu Chất Dinh Dưỡng Rất Tốt Cho Gia Súc, Gia Cầm

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Are Rich in Nutrients Good for Livestock and Poultry

Nutritional Value Of BSFL From By Different Food Sources

Protein and Fat Value, are the two most important things to make food for animal feed. The nutritional composition of BSF larvae will vary when BSFL are fed with different food sources. So the nutrient composition of BSF larvae is variable. So to know the nutritional composition in black soldier fly is more or less you have to know which food sources to eat. The table that compares the nutritional composition of BSF varies greatly based on the food they eat:

Animal Manure 39,1 % – 45,7% 29  – 35,1 %
Food Wastes 39 – 41,8 % 27,2 – 35,1 %
Green Waste 31,2 – 36,4% 5,2 – 6,63%
Raw Rice Bran 42,3 – 45,7% 27,5 – 27,8%
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Thành phần dinh dưỡng của ấu trùng sẽ thay đổi tùy theo nguồn thức phẩm bạn cho chúng ăn

The Nutrition Facts of the larvae will vary depending on the food source you feed them

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Good For Animal Feed

Often when comparing two types of animal feed, people compare the content of Protein, Fat, Calcium, Phosphorus … those are essential nutrients for the animal’s body if, Without them, the animals will not grow healthy.

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High Protein

At the same amount of dryness, the protein contained in BSF larvae has a much higher value than the obtained protein of: bran meal, soybeans, and other commonly used plant proteins in feed such as rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower meal … Protein content in fly larvae will vary from 31.2% to 45.7%, the amount of protein will be higher when we feed them by manure. when compared to feeding them only agricultural residues of plant origin. However, this protein% is said to be superior when compared to other traditional animal feed. The lack of protein will make the body of a lean animal will weaken the immune system and easily die from the disease. Besides, the animal will lose weight, muscle weakness, even muscle loss, which greatly affects the performance of the animal.

Rich Fat

The fat found in BSF larvae is far more qualitative than other traditional feed fats. Because 53% of the fat in BSF larvae is lauric acid, a good substance that makes it easier for pets to absorb nutrients. Besides, the fat of BSF larvae also contains AWME, which is believed by Russian scientists to have antibacterial ability to destroy lipid-coated viruses (similar to HIV and measles) as well as clostridium and pathogenic protozoa, help to protect the intestinal tract of the animal during their development. The lack of Fat in the diet of the animal will make their digestive system less developed, difficult to absorb nutrients, easily related to the intestinal system of the animals.

Calcium and Phosphorus.

BSF larvae contain 80 times more calcium than other commonly eaten insects. Specifically, he has: 2.8 – 6.2% calcium, 1 – 1.2% phosphorus, enough nutrients for animal feed; At the same time is the best live food to feed specialty animals such as shrimp, crab, fish, eel, frog … For cattle, Calcium and Phosphorus are the two substances that make up their bones and teeth from the fetal stage to adulthood. So. If the bones develop slowly (especially the spine and long bones), the pig will be shortened, the muscular system is underdeveloped, and the amount of lean meat on the meat is low. For example, in pig farming, if you want to give pigs as lean as you need more calcium and phosphorus.

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