Black Soldier Fly (known as Calcium Worm) Farming Techniques in Vietnam! Are you studying the knowledge of black soldier Fly? Are you looking for Black soldier fly farming techniques? Are you looking for ways to raise black soldiers fly and to help them grow healthy? Are you wondering how to farm BSF effectively and how to develop this business? Let’s find out in our next article.

8 Steps of the Black Soldier Fly Breeding That You Need To Know:

  • Step 1: Learn about Ideal Conditions for breeding Black Soldier Flies to Grow Well
  • Step 2: Instructions on How to Set Up a Black Soldier Flies Farm?
  • Step 3: Where to Find Food Sources to Feed Black Soldier Flies?
  • Step 4: Instructions on How to Incubate Black Soldier Fly Eggs Correctly?
  • Step 5: How to Prepare Food to Feed Black Soldier Flies?
  • Step 6: How to Feed Black Soldier Fly Larvae Correctly?
  • Step 7: Should the Waste of BSF Larvae Be Retained As Organic Fertilizer?
  • Step 8: Applications of Black Soldier Flies in Pig & Chicken Feed

Quy Trình Nuôi Ruồi Lính Đen được tóm tắt nhanh qua hình bên trên.

Ideal Conditions That Black Soldier Flies Grow Well

Usually, the optimal environmental conditions and food sources for black soldier fly larvae are basically as follows: Climate & temperature, habitat, water content in the feed, nutrient requirements in feed, food particle size… So to be able to breed black soldier fly larvae healthy, please pay attention to the conditions mentioned above.

5 basic conditions for black soldier fly larvae to develop healthy include:

  • Suitable climate & temperature.
  • Suitable living environment.
  • Adequate water content in feed.
  • Nutrients are required in suitable feed.
  • Feeding method and appropriate particle size.

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Where Good Location For Setup The Black Soldier Fly Farm

Black soldier fly farming is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam, setting up fly farms is about designing our camps so that they can mimic the best habitat of this black soldier fly in the wild. Therefore, it is not easy to scale up your whole farm to be suitable for the habitat of black soldier flies. Not everyone can set up a highly efficient black soldier fly farm with the lowest cost.

Here are some basic criteria for choosing an effective location for a black soldier fly farm:

  • The farm should be located near where there is enough fresh waste at a low cost.
  • The amount of waste at the source is predictable and frequent.
  • Farms should be close to relatively good shipping lanes.
  • Avoid places with densely populated areas, polluted with dust.
  • Avoid areas where land users are adjacent to the farm where pesticides are used.
  • The establishment must maintain a clean buffer zone for flies. (e.g. open areas, trees, fences, fresh air, etc.)
  • The farm area must-have shade, no direct sunlight.

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Vị trí đặt trại nuôi ruồi là ở Củ Chi, nơi có khí hậu thoáng mát, gần nguồn thức ăn

Where To Find Black Soldier Fly Feeding Source?

Wild black soldier fly larvae are generally omnivores. They can eat animal flesh, rotting fish, rotting organic matter, and manure. However, like most flies, they are not picky eaters – they are known to eat manure, carrion, compost, uneaten food, and any other type of organic waste.

7 common food sources for black soldier fly larvae in Vietnam:

  • Cattle Manure
  • Poultry Manure
  • Pork Manure
  • Leftovers
  • Fruit Scraps
  • Waste Liver/Intestines
  • Waste Fish Guts

What food source black soldier fly larvae eat will greatly affect the nutrient composition in their body. Their nutritional content will vary greatly depending on the food you feed them: Protein content ranges from 37-63%, fat content ranges from 5.2-39.2%. Therefore, depending on the needs of black soldiers fly farms, what is the purpose of raising them, the source of food used to raise them will also be very different.

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Rau củ quả dư thừa luôn là nguồn thức ăn lớn dành cho trang trại ruồi lính đen của bạn

How to Incubate Black Soldier Flies Eggs Correctly?

Incubating black soldier fly eggs (or: how to incubate black soldier fly eggs, incubate calcium worm eggs) is generally a fairly simple and easy process. However, if you do it correctly and follow the right process, incubating black soldier fly eggs will give a higher hatching rate, thereby saving a lot of initial costs in the process of growing your black soldier fly colony. The black soldier fly is a shade-loving type, prefers a humid, ventilated place, the temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius, where there is a lot of food in the rotting stage. So black soldier flies like to lay eggs in garbage dumps, mudflats, slushy ground……. Breathable, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.

5 Notes before Incubating Black Soldier Flies Eggs:

  1. The warmer the temperature, the faster the fly eggs tend to hatch.
  2. The lower the temperature, the slower the hatching of the fly eggs, the reduced hatching rate of the fly larvae.
  3. In 2-3 days, the fly eggs hatch into larvae.
  4. 16-18 days, the larvae gradually transform into pupae
  5. Female flies eggs usually lay ~700 eggs/time

There are 3 basic steps to hatch black soldier fly eggs as follows:

  1. Create and prepare fly nests
  2. Place fly eggs properly into the incubator.
  3. Create a fly-friendly incubation environment.

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Thao Tác Ấp trứng ruồi lính đen

How to Prepare Food to Feed Black Soldier Fly?

Instructions on How to Make Food for BSF Larvae by Fermentation – Raising black soldier flies with fermented rice bran is a method used by many people because of its convenience. Because sometimes, your farm’s supply of fresh food for black soldier fly larvae is interrupted, not as stable as we expected. Or maybe the food we have in stock will spoil before the fly larvae have a chance to eat them. There is a way that you can solve this problem and make the food of the fly larvae last longer without causing them to lose nutrients. It is the dish “Breamed Rice Bran”. In addition, we can also make fermented vegetables, fermented leftovers, and fermented seafood waste…

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How to Feed Black Soldier Fly Larvae Correctly?

Black soldier fly larvae are quite small in size and they do not have a mouth to chew food. Therefore, the size of the food particles of the black soldier fly larvae must be kept very small, preferably in liquid or paste form, so that they can easily access the food source as easily as possible. Proper food particle size is very important, they will greatly affect the survival and development of fly larvae. The digestibility of black soldier fly larvae may be the strongest of any insect larva, however, the food source must be small enough, soft, and moist enough for them to consume. Because understanding the appropriate food particle size for larvae will help black soldier fly larvae absorb more efficiently, saving you a lot of money in foraging for your fly larvae farm.

Therefore, when feeding, you must ensure that the appropriate food particle size is very small, the smaller the better. The best food sources are in the form of a paste so that they are easily accessible. In addition, the food for fly larvae should not be too thick inside the breeding hole (about 4 to 5 cm is okay), so that they can eat all the food that we provide to avoid waste.

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Thức ăn của ấu trùng ruồi lính đen là các chất Hữu Cơ thối rữa với kích thước hạt thức ăn thích hợp là rất nhỏ, càng nhỏ càng tốt. Nguồn thức ăn tốt nhất là ở dạng nhão, để chúng có thể dễ dàng tiếp cận được

Retaining BSF Larval Waste As Organic Fertilizer

According to research, the feces of black soldier fly larvae is clean manure, with little or no odor, with a lot of good nutrients for the soil (note: only the larval stage of the black soldier fly will produce manure). Specifically, the results of assessing the content of nutrients in black soldier fly feces raised from beer wort and mixed with poultry bran along with some organic waste (vegetables) brought a lot of benefits. good signal for using or mixing black soldier fly manure to produce bio-organic fertilizer.

Specific parameters of nutrients present in black soldier fly droppings are as follows:

  • PH: 5,25
  • OM: 65,5%
  • Nts: 2,1%
  • Axit Humic: 1,93%
  • Axit Fulvic: 4,61%
  • K2Ots: 1,2%
  • P2O5ts: 2,57%
  • CaO: 3,75%
  • MgO: 1,28%
  • Zn: 77,3ppm
  • Heavy metals (Cd, Pb, As, Hg): not detected.

With these positive results, the use of black soldier fly manure being tested in many other types of growing areas is underway and they are giving very good results.


How to use BSF as Chicken Feed

New research shows that feeding laying hens with live Black Soldier Fly larvae (calcium worms) has a positive effect on the health of chickens’ feathers and eggs. The team also said that the diet using black soldier fly meal also resulted in good immunity in the small intestine tissue in the chickens that ate it.

Feeding chickens with foods mixed with black soldier fly larvae can provide a possible solution to increase calcium for chickens, making them healthier, and laying eggs of the best quality. The results of the study conducted at Schothorst Feed Research in the Netherlands confirm that live black soldier fly larvae can be used in combination with soy protein in the hen’s diet to be very productive, says Protix. future prospects. The study also demonstrated that providing live black soldier fly larvae can facilitate hens to exhibit their natural foraging behavior, whereby they eat more in the morning and rest in the afternoon.

Some of the chickens that are commonly fed BSF include:

  • Chicks 7-10 days old or BSFL powder.
  • Chickens older than 21 days old
  • Hens lay eggs
  • Chicken raised for meat
  • ….

For chicks from 1 to 21 days old, we can combine feed from BSF larvae for them as follows:

  • 1/3 black soldier fly larvae or BSFL powder.
  • 1/3 of green vegetables, plants
  • 1/3 grain or grain

If your farming area has about 60-70 chickens, mixing this amount of larvae that will be good enough for them daily would be:

  • 3 kg Black Soldier Fly Larva or BSFL powder.
  • 1/3 Are green vegetables, plants
  • 1/3 is other nuts and beans


How to Use BSF as Pig Feed

The researchers studied two groups of growing pigs. One group was fed a diet with regular soybean meal as a source of protein. The other group was fed a diet containing black soldier fly larvae as a protein source. The researchers then obtained data on the pig’s small intestine microbiota and blood metabolites. “This is called the Feed Omics approach,” says lead author Dr. Soumya Kanti Kar, “and it helps to define the effects of diet on both the gut and the whole body, that is the blood level. response to a black soldier fly-based diet in pigs.“ Dr. Kar is a Gut Performance & Animal Health Scientist at Wageningen Livestock Research.

The results show that the larva of BSF has a positive effect. They support the development of gut microbiota taxa that are indicators of a healthy gut or are recognized as beneficial microorganisms with a positive impact on pig health. In short, growing pigs fed Black Soldier Flies meal appeared to be healthier (or even healthier) than their counterparts on conventional diets based on protein powder from Soybean.

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Heo được ăn thức ăn có chứa ấu trùng RLĐ thi khỏe mạnh hơn so với các loại thức ăn thông thường khác

Can Humans Eat Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

YES! WE CAN! IF the BSF Larvae are Feeding by Clean Food sources like Soyabean waste, Organic waste, Vegetable… and the BSF Farm must be clean then We can eat them Safety.  The BSF Larvae Taste Good. Once you’ve eaten those black soldier fly larvae, you’re going to want to eat them more, like a snack.

Professor Louw Hoffman, from the University of Queensland in Australia, said: "Currently, the larvae come from the black soldier fly, which is already widely used for animal feed, and in the future, BSFL could also be eaten by Ours. This is a high-quality protein that could also be used as food for humans in the near future. It's entirely possible."

Professor Louw Hoffman, from the University of Queensland in Australia, said: “Currently, the larvae come from the black soldier fly, which is already widely used for animal feed, and in the future, BSFL could also be eaten by Ours. This is a high-quality protein that could also be used as food for humans in the near future. It’s entirely possible.”