Can humans eat black soldier fly larvae? YES! WE CAN! IF the BSF Larvae are Feeding by Clean Food sources like Soyabean waste, Organic waste, Vegetable… and the BSF Farm must be clean then We can eat them Safety.  The BSF Larvae Taste Good. Once you’ve eaten those black soldier fly larvae, you’re going to want to eat them more, like a snack.

2 Billion People In The World Are Eating Insects & Worms Regularly

Professor Louw Hoffman, from the University of Queensland in Australia, said: “Currently, the larvae come from the black soldier fly, which is already widely used for animal feed, and in the future, BSFL could also be eaten by Ours. This is a high-quality protein that could also be used as food for humans in the near future. It’s entirely possible.” Black soldier fly larvae (also known as Calcium worms, BSF larvae, BSFL) contain higher iron and zinc than pork, along with a higher calcium content than milk. The rearing of black soldier fly larvae also takes up very little natural resources, helping to better protect the environment.

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Giáo sư Louw Hoffman thuộc trường ĐH Queensland là giao sư hàng đầu của nước Úc với chuyên ngành về nông nghiệp với nhiều nghiên cứu nguồn Protein thay thế.

Professor Hoffman said the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that two billion people in the world are eating insects & worms regularly as part of their daily diet. Therefore, he thinks that it is OK for humans to use BSF larvae as a food source and that is very normal.

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Tổ chức Lương thực và Nông nghiệp của Liên hợp quốc ước tính rằng hai tỷ người trên thế giới đã ăn côn trùng thường xuyên như một phần của chế độ ăn uống của họ

Professor Hoffman added more info: “There’s a lot of research that’s already been done on black soldier fly larvae as a feed for livestock, but we need to ensure we address safety issues before it can be as human foods. And The biggest factor preventing the use of BSF larval protein in our food supply is the current reluctance of Western consumers to accept insects as food in their diets, their daily meal.”

Nutritional Value in BSF Larvae:

NUTRIENT % Nutritional Value – 100g Dried BSF Larvae
Protein 50%
Fat 35%
Calcium 6%
Phosphorus 1,2%
Magnesium 1%
Sodium 0,3%

Breeding Black Soldier Fly Larvae helps to Protect the Environment.

Breeding black soldier fly larvae are very convenient, they will save a lot of Agriculture’s land. More specifically, 1/2 ha of black soldier fly larvae farm can produce more protein than grazing cattle on about 1200 ha of fields and branches. Protein equivalent of 52 hectares of soybeans. Professor Hoffman said: “If you care about the environment, you should consider and be willing to eat protein from insects & worms. It is a food source that must be used in the future.”

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