How to Store black soldier fly larvae? How to keep black soldier fly larvae? Can I refrigerate black soldier fly larvae? can you put black soldier fly larvae in the fridge? YES ! Black Soldier Fly Larvae Can Be Storage in Fridge! But IT Must Be Done Correctly. You often buy BSF larvae to feed your pet. How to preserve black soldier fly larvae? You are a gecko farm, iguana, you need to stock up on food for them? However, there are times when you buy a lot and do not know how to store them properly? Is it okay to put them in your refrigerator to freeze them?  Your questions will be resolved in Kimmy below the following article

Living Temperature Range of BSF Larvae

For BSF larvae their favorite habitat temperature is between 25 and 35 degrees C. Also they are very resistant, the temperature they can tolerate is from 40 degrees. C to – 6 degrees C. If the temperature is above 30 degrees C they will find a place to hide. If the temperature is below 15 degrees C they will go into hibernation.

The best living temperature range of BSF is from 40 degrees C to 1 degree C if:

  • Above 30 degrees C, they will hide in the shade to cool them.
  • Below 15 degrees C, they will begin to hibernate.
  • Under 0 degree C, they may be dead


Temperature For Long-Term Storage BSF Larvae

In order for you to storage the long-term healthy BSF larvae, you must lower the ambient temperature to 10 – 15 degrees C. At this temperature, BSF larvae will enter a healthy “Hibernation” state. and completely motionless. With a temperature of 10 – 15 degrees C, you can storage black soldier fly larvae cold for 2-3 months. Some people even store them for 6-8 months and they are still alive after taking them out of the freezer, even though they die more than half, but the nutritional quality of dead larvae is unchanged.

At a temperature of 10 – 15 degrees C, you can store fly larvae from:

  • 2 – 3 months: this is the standard amount of cold storage.
  • 6 – 8 months: What is the longest time the larvae can survive.
Ấu trùng từ loại ruồi lính đen là một loại tiêu biểu được sử dụng làm nguồn Protein thay thế

In order for you to storage the long-term healthy BSF larvae, you must lower the ambient temperature to 10 – 15 degrees C.

Instructions for Proper Storage of Black Soldier Fly Larvae

It is also important to properly refrigerate the BSF larvae. There are 3 specific steps that you need to learn through: 1. choosing the right refrigerator, 2. choosing the right storage bag, 3. the right way to wake.

Step 1: Select the refrigerator

DO NOT keep black soldier fly larvae in the fridge! You should not use a regular household refrigerator, because the temperature of your home refrigerator cooler is between -4 and 8 degrees C, it can be too cold for BSF larvae and cause them to die. To solve this situation, you should buy a replacement with a refrigerator, which is commonly used in grocery stores (wine cooler, beer cooler) to sell soft drinks, this type of cabinet has a temperature range of 3 – 15 degrees C,  here This is a great temperature for your larvae to hibernate for a long time.

Wine cooler, beer cooler Can Easy Stored Black Soldier Fly Larvea

Wine cooler, beer cooler Can Easy Stored Black Soldier Fly Larvae – Kimmy Farm Vietnam

Step 2: Choose the correct larval cold storage bag

Use these Chewy Zip bags to store the larvae cold. Because to enter the hibernation period, BSF larvae need 1-2 days to activate that mechanism. So before you refrigerate them, put a little liquid food in a Zip bag so that the larvae can maintain their nutrition for 1-2 before they officially enter their hibernation phase… During this ‘sleep’ phase, their metabolism tends to slow down. So you won’t see them eating food or wiggling a lot. If you forget to hibernate the food, they will not die. However, they will become much thinner and smaller after sleeping.

Step 3: To awaken the larvae after hibernating

When you want to use the BSF larvae, slowly bring them out to sunlight. However, choose low-light areas with a slight shade so that they will not die from heat shock. As the surrounding temperature gets warmer they react and initiate bodily functions again. Some people tell the larvae by freezing them under – 6 C, according to which they will die. However, their nutritional content will still be preserved by about 80% compared to the beginning.

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