If you’re one of those people who love nature, you’ve probably considered starting a black soldier fly farm. Black soldier fly farming is an amazing way to recycle food waste, and it’s also a great way to help the environment. Black soldier fly farming is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam, and the farm should be designed as their farms so that they can model the best habitats for this black soldier fly in a natural environment. So it is not easy to model the whole farm to be suitable for the habitat of the black soldier fly. Not everyone can set up a highly efficient black soldier fly farm with the lowest cost of production.

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Below are some of the basic criteria for choosing a location for an effective black soldier fly farm:

  1. The farm must be located close to where there is enough fresh waste at a low cost.
  2. The amount of waste at the farm is predictable and regular.
  3. The farm should be close to good transport routes.
  4. Avoid places with crowded residential areas, dust pollution.
  5. Avoid areas adjacent to farms where pesticides are used.
  6. The establishment must maintain a healthy buffer zone for flies. (eg. open areas, trees, fences, fresh air….)
  7. The farm area must be shaded and no direct sunlight.

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Ruồi lính đen xuất hiện ở Việt nam từ những năm 2010 v2 được nhân giống rông rải khắp nơi trong 10 năm qua.

The farm Must Be Near A Place With Sufficient Fresh Waste.

FOOD SOURCE for Your BSF Farm is very Important! You Need to design your Farm Staying close to sources of high-quality carbohydrates, and protein waste is a prerequisite for your successful black soldier fly farm. Building a farm near food waste handling facilities in cities, hotels, restaurants, local markets, local supermarkets, poultry farms, and beef farms… is a good option for your fly farm location.

FOOD SOURCE for Your BSF Farm is very Important!

FOOD SOURCE for Your BSF Farm is very Important!

Predictable Amount of Waste At Source supplying, Less Disruption.

The second important thing to keep in mind is that the quantity of feed sources is predictable and it’s disruptive. Because when your farm is on a medium scale, changing the food source to another food source can cause your whole black soldier fly farm to die, since your BSF not adapting to the new food source in time, or the source itself is Freshly contaminated food with extremely heavy pesticides.

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Nguồn thức ăn phải dồi dào, ổn địnhvà có thể dự đoán được

The farm Must Be Near Relatively Good Routes.

Try to set up your Farm close to village roads. This will help you access a low-cost food source from Local. Do not set up a fly farm in a location too far from your main food source, where the food of BSF is not enough for you to expand your farm for highly increasing demand. BSF larvae consume a lot of food waste, they can eat up to X2 times their body weight, and the food in areas is not enough for BSFL to consume. For many professional black soldier fly farms, the daily amount of BSFL feed must be calculated in “5 – 10 Tons” for medium BSF Farms.


Avoid Crowded Residential Areas, Dust Pollution.

Though the black soldier fly is an extremely vigorous insect, in densely populated areas contaminated with noise and dust, the flies have been shown to perform significantly worse. The number of eggs, as well as larval quality, are drastically reduced compared to those set up in low-populated areas, with low air pollution and noise.

Avoid Farms Of Pesticide Conjoined To Fly Farm.

It must be sure that your farm is not built, adjoining your farm is an area free of high doses of agricultural pesticides. Although this type of larvae is resistant to a certain amount of insecticide, at high doses the larvae of the black soldier fly will die massively, causing undesirable damage to your farm.

Do quá trình công nghiệp hóa hiện nay diễn ra nhanh. Nên một số vùng nông thôn cũng gặp tình trang ô nhiễm không khí nghiêm trọng. Điều này ảnh hưởng tối trại nuôi ruồi của bạn

Should Maintain A Healthy Buffer Zone For Fly Farms.

A healthy buffer zone for your BSF farm is a must. The buffer zone includes: open area, fence trees, fresh air … a clean buffer zone will help limiting dust pollution, noise pollution, access to pesticides. Then your farm will help increase fly productivity quickly. Adult black soldier flies are sensitive to the environment, and if the environment is good they will reproduce better.

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Tránh những vùng nông nghiệp đang sử dụng thuốc trừ sâu liều cao để thiết lập trại nuôi ruồi.

Farm Area Must Be Shaded, No Direct Sunlight.

Black soldier fly is a shade-loving fly that likes to live in cool, shady places, out of direct sunlight. So you should choose a farm shaded by sedge trees, the temperature ranges from 24 – 30 degrees Celsius, the air is less polluted.


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