With Cambodia’s cashew output predicted to take a hit due to unfavorable weather conditions, the Cashew Nut Association of Cambodia (CAC) is urging relevant authorities to hasten the implementation of a national cashew nut policy. CAC president Uon Silot has reported that rain storms and overcast conditions have damaged cashew buds and flowers, resulting in a forecasted harvest of between 500,000 and 700,000 tonnes for this year.

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Rain, cold weather expected impact on Cambodia’s Raw Cashew Output

Pen Poseng, president of the Kampong Chhnang Cashew Nut Association, has reported that this year’s cashew crop is looking better than last year’s, but the current weather conditions could still lead to a weaker overall yield than 2022. Pen Poseng explained that cold weather has a negative effect on cashews as they require hot weather to grow properly. The recent cold weather and rainfall have further complicated the situation, making it difficult to predict the final output. He also mentioned that the increased costs of fertilizer and fuel have put additional strain on farmers.

In response to this, Poseng’s association has advised farmers on how to reduce spending and has called on relevant authorities to implement the national cashew nut policy to provide assistance to cashew farmers and expand markets. Ultimately, it is expected that the rain and cold weather will have a dampening effect on cashew nut output this year.

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Cambodia Farmers Facing Difficult Decisions: Cutting Down Cashew Trees

The Cashew Nut Association of Cambodia (CAC) has expressed concern over the anticipated drop in cashew nut output due to unfavorable weather conditions this year. CAC President Uon Silot has reported that the organization has revised its forecast for the harvest, and now estimates it will yield between 500,000 and 700,000 tonnes of output for the year.

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This is largely due to the prolonged cold weather and heavy rainstorms in January and February, which have damaged cashew buds and flowers, making the conditions unfavorable for production. The CAC has called on relevant authorities to implement a national cashew nut policy to help mitigate the potential impact of this weather on the harvest. Farmers have already begun to cut down their cashew trees, further reducing the potential for a good yield. It is hoped that the implementation of a national policy will help to protect the cashew nut industry and its producers.

New agreement signed: Cambodia’s farmers and Vietnamese companies

In a move to strengthen the cashew nut industry, Cambodia has signed an agreement with Vietnamese companies to facilitate cashew nut exports. The agreement will allow Cambodian cashew nut farmers to sell their produce directly to Vietnamese companies, bypassing intermediaries and increasing their profits. The deal is expected to create a win-win situation for both countries and promote economic development in the region.

Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of cashew nut kernels, and Cambodia’s raw cashew nut growing area has been increasing in recent years. However, Cambodian cashew nut farmers have struggled to find buyers for their produce, and many have been forced to sell their nuts at low prices to middlemen. => Related Article: More about Vietnam cashew kernels

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