80 – 85% of Cambodia’s raw cashew nut output is exported to Vietnam for processing into finished cashew kernels. Vietnam is Cambodia’s biggest trading partner in the cashew industry.

Cambodia Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Reported

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Cambodia (MAFF), Vietnam Cashew Association has agreed to increase orders to Cambodia cashews. Mr. Hean Vanhan, leader of MAFF’s agricultural agency, said Vietnam has agreed and planned to buy more raw cashew nuts from Cambodia, while the Vietnamese cashew processing companies also agreed to build processing factories in Cambodia. Vietnam has supported human resources to develop the cashew industry in Cambodia and to share varieties of cashew seeds  that can be grown in Cambodia, helping Cambodia’s cashew industry thriving in the coming years. “The Vietnam Cashew Association has committed to buy all cashew nuts produced in Cambodia”, Mr. Vanhan said, at the same time, that Vietnam will send more high-yield cashew seeds to support the country’s cashew industry to increase the cashew growing area.

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Công nhân Campuchia đang thực hiện việc chể điều thô để lấy điều nhân

Công nhân Campuchia đang thực hiện việc chể điều thô để lấy điều nhân

Vietnam has Deployed 500,000 ha of Cashew Planting In Cambodia

The Vietnam Cashew Association has also planned to deploy 500,000 hectares of cashew crops in Cambodia, expecting the annual output of Cambodia to reach 1 million tons under a cooperating project with MAFF and with Cambodian farmers. By 2020, Cambodia has produced more than 204,000 tons, of which Vietnamese processing companies bought 80-85% of the above output. ​Vietnam’s cashew industry turns to Cambodia.

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Vietnam Cashew Nuts Industry is currently referred to as the “undisputed King of Cashew nuts for exports

Việt Nam cũng có kế hoạch triển khai 500.000ha trồng cây điều tại Campuchia nhầm hỗ trợ quốc gia này phát triển vùng trồng điều thô chất lượng cao.

Cashew Area In Cambodia Nowadays

Currently, according to the latest report by the Ministry of Agriculture, the cashew area of ​​Cambodia was 258,984 ha in 2020. The harvested area in 2021 will reach 162,294 ha and the average yield is 1.49 tons / ha. In which, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, and Ratanakiri are the provinces with the largest cashew growing area in Cambodia, respectively accounting for 27%, 18%, and 17% of the cashew growing area in this country.

Một Trang Trại trồng điều tại tỉnh Kampong Cham, Campuchia

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