Prices of raw cashew nuts harvested early in the season look promisingly increasing in some cashew-growing provinces in Cambodia. However, the farmers have to face delays in harvesting cashew due to bad weather, which is not favorable for the cashew harvest. Cashew harvest season in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam lasts from February till the end of May.

Summary of cashew growing area in Cambodia:

  • Cashew trees area (2020): 258,984 ha.
  • Estimated area to be harvested (2021): 162,294 ha
  • Estimated yield of cashew nuts in 2021 in Cambodia: 1.49 tons / ha

Price of Raw Cashew in Cambodia Increases At the Beginning of Season 2021.

Cashew Association of Cambodia (CAC) noted: “The current price of raw cashew nuts in Cambodia is 5,500 riel per kg (kg), and the price tends to increase slightly. The CAC said that the current cashew price is already quite good, but the price will increase if Cambodian farmers comply with the standards of drying and quality assurance in accordance with international regulations ”. In addition, Cambodia’s cashew yield of this year is also quite good: ”an average of 1 to 1.5 tons/ha depending on land, planting method and crop maintenance. Some areas can yield up to 3 tons/ha. ” Cashew Association of Cambodia (CAC) added: “Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Cambodian farmers can sell RCN with the price from 1,500 USD to 2,000 USD/ton. The price can go down to $ 1 a kilo and the farmers are still getting profit, “

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Nông Trại Trồng Điều Tại Campuchia Đang Đợi Thời Tiết Thuận Lợi Để Thu Hoạch

Nông Trại Trồng Điều Tại Campuchia Đang Đợi Thời Tiết Thuận Lợi Để Thu Hoạch

Cashew Association of Cambodia Note (CAC)

Mr. Suy Kokthean, Deputy and Sales Director of the Cambodia Cashew Association (CAC), said some provinces have started the cashew harvest season but cashew harvesting in these provinces has not yet begun due to the unfavorable weather conditions. “The harvest has already started in Kampong Cham province, Tbong Khmum, and some areas in Kampong Thom province,” he added.

Usually, cashew plantations start harvesting in early February and will end in mid-May. But this year, the harvest will be delayed and possibly lasts until June “We are optimistic that cashew nut prices will not be an issue in the next five years. The problem we face is climate change and we are currently working with experts to study new seedlings that are more resilient to climate change. The cashew seed that we are planting is M23 in Cambodia, which is well tolerant to today’s rapidly changing environmental conditions ” he added. Cambodia mainly exports raw cashews to Vietnam, Japan and China. The CAC tries to attract more buyers to this country, for the benefit of Cambodian farmers.

Hạt Điều Thô Campuchia thường được xuất khẩu qua Việt Nam để gia công chẻ điều lấy nhân

Hạt Điều Thô Campuchia thường được xuất khẩu qua Việt Nam để gia công chẻ điều lấy nhân

Report on Cambodia’s Cashew Growing Area

Some Vietnamese agents buying Cambodian cashew nuts said: Prices will increase again at the end of the harvest season, especially from August to October when the prices will be between 6,000 and 7,000 riel/kg due to expected production and dry cashews are available for sale at the end of the harvest season. Ms. Hanh – a Vietnamese cashew buyer added: “Early harvest season of this year has a good price, about 5,700 to 5,800 riel/kg. However, Cambodian farmers have not harvested much because the weather is not favorable for the drying of raw cashew. According to a report from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Cambodia, the total cashew area of Cambodia is 258,984 hectares in 2020. The harvested area is 162,294 hectares in this period and the average yield is 1,49 tons/ha. Cambodia’s crude cashews were being exported 230,981 tonnes last year.”

Nông dân Campuchia đang phơi Điều sau khi được thu hoạch xong

Nông dân Campuchia đang phơi Điều sau khi được thu hoạch xong.

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