What are Black soldier fly eggs used for? You need to find black soldier fly eggs for breeding from a professional farm? Kimmy Farm specializes in supplying healthy black soldier fly eggs, and 4-day-old soldier fly larvae for widely breeding in large herds. Please contact us for assistance in breeding this black soldier fly. BSF eggs are the first stage of development for the BSF. In the wild, the BSF female can lay about 400 to 800 eggs, this black soldier fly eggs are the main product on our fly farm in Tay Ninh.

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  • What are Black soldier fly eggs used for?
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  • How to hatch black soldier fly eggs effectively?

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What is a Black Soldier Fly Eggs?

Black Soldier Fly Eggs (or: BSF Eggs) is the first stage of development (from 0 – 4 days old). In the wild, BSF females can lay 400 – 800 eggs in clumps near rotting organic compounds. Eggs are initially creamy but gradually darken in growth. Black soldier fly eggs are incubated from 4 – 21 days (depending on incubation temperature), being hatched into BSF larvae. The oval black soldier flies egg can be 0.09 cm long. Once hatched, BSF larvae are pale-white and about 0.17 cm long.

Details of the black soldier fly eggs include:

  • The number of eggs of one female fly laying: 400 – 800 eggs
  • Egg’s incubation Time: from 4 – 21 days to hatch into larvae.
  • Egg’s weight: 0.027mg / 1 egg, 1 gram: ~ 37,000 eggs, 10 grams: ~ 370,000 eggs, 100 grams: ~ 740,000 eggs.
  • Egg’s size: 0,09 cm long.
  • Egg’s color: cream color and then darkens according to the development of its larvae inside

@The growth stages of BSF include: BSF eggs -> BSF Larvae -> BSF pupae -> BSF Adult flies.

Black Soldier Fly Eggs (or: BSF Eggs) is the first stage of development (from 0 - 4 days old).

Black Soldier Fly Eggs (or: BSF Eggs) are the first stage of development (from 0 – 4 days old).

Where BSF Often Lays Eggs?

Female black soldiers Fly often lay their eggs near rotting and smelly food sources. BSF will find cracks, and niches of walls close to the food source to lay the eggs. Each female fly can have 400 to 800 eggs. The egg of Bsf shape is oval, about 1 mm long, and is light yellow or creamy white. The eggs hatch into larvae in about four days, then they automatically crawl to nearby places of rotting food sources to eat. BSF females lay more eggs in the afternoon when the intensity of the sunlight begins to decrease.

Organic waste is the place BSF Often Lays Eggs – Under natural conditions, BSF females lay eggs near moist and decaying organic matter

What Are BSF Eggs Used For?

The Black Soldier Fly eggs are often commercially traded and used to propagate these flies from one place to another place. Buying BSF eggs is the most convenient and economical way to start your own farm. You will experience and be able to get acquainted in all 4 of the development of the black soldier fly in detail, thereby increasing the experience of raising your black soldier fly colony.  

3 uses of black soldier fly eggs are:

  • Used for breeding Black Soldier Fly.
  • Used to maintain a population of BSF Farms.
  • Used to hatch into BSF larvae.
~50 Grams - Black Soldier Fly Eggs From Kimmy Farm Vietnam

~50 Grams Black Soldier Fly Eggs With High Quality From Kimmy Farm Vietnam

How To Hatch Black Soldier Fly Eggs?

Hatching the BSF eggs is extremely simple and easy, and generally an easy process. Keep in mind is to not mess things up, basically, you just need to keep the egg blocks next to an organic compound, fresh food, keep away from exposure to direct sunlight, and wait for a few days. Besides, you also need to incubate eggs in a cool, wet environment with fresh air. BSF eggs will hatch within 1-4 days from when you receive your eggs. Once the eggs hatch, BSF larvae just appear a few millimeters in size, foraging, and begin eating nearby organic waste. How do you hatch a black soldier fly egg?

Basic black soldier fly hatching steps include:

  • Step 1: Prepare conditions (hatchery) for eggs to hatch.
  • Step 2: Put eggs in a prepared egg incubator.
  • Step 3: Keep optimal conditions for 1-4 days and wait for the eggs to hatch

@ Note: If you feel that hatching egg is too difficult? You can purchase our 4-day old black soldier fly larvae for breeding. It’s also a good way to start. -> The Product is here: Black Soldier Fly Larvae Grade SS Vietnam

BSF Larvae - 2 Weeks after Growing

BSF Larvae – 2 Weeks after Growing

Where Can To Buy Black Soldier Fly Eggs?

You Can Buy Black Soldier Fly Eggs From Vietnam, our BSF larvae are farming from Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc – Vietnam, where the soil & climate is most suitable for them.

Kimmy’s Farm – specializes in providing products related to BSF such as BSF eggs, BSF larvae, BSF pupae, BSFL oil, BSL Meal… We have a black soldier fly farm at the clean agricultural farming area in Binh Phuoc and a representative office for your convenience in HCMC. We are a clean and modern agricultural farm with the desire to share the best with many people and develop the clean agricultural ecosystem of Vietnam. Please contact us if you are in need of a supplier for BSF Eggs.

@More Info About Vietnam BSF Here: https://kimmyfarm.com/en/black-soldier-fly/

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