Is cashew milk good for you? Is cashew milk healthier than regular milk? YES! Cashew Milk is Very good for Your Healthy! Cashew milk is the most popular type of nut milk mainly due to its light, pleasant taste, and low-calorie content. That is why Cashew milk is a healthy alternative to traditional dairy milk. It is made from cashews and water, and it contains more minerals than traditional dairy milk. It is also highly digestible. Cashew milk is delicious but more expensive and harder to find than almond milk. Cashew milk so delicious is also higher in protein and healthy fats than almond milk, making it a healthier choice.

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What is Cashew Nut Milk?

Cashew milk is milk made by mixing cashews with water to get a white creamy liquid. There’s no need to heat or otherwise process nut milk, so it’s ready for immediate consumption. The most popular nut milk includes almond, cashew, hazelnut, walnut, and macadamia milk… According to nutritionists, cashew milk provides many nutrients that can replace other types of animal milk. Because cashew milk is plant-based milk, it does not cause allergies for users and does not contain lactose – a substance that causes indigestion and increases the amount of acid in the stomach. Therefore, cashew milk is not only safe for users but also brings many health benefits.

Top 7 Benefits of Cashew Milk For Our Healthy:

  1. Cashew milk is a vegan, dairy-free, and lactose-free alternative to cow’s milk.
  2. High in calcium and vitamin D and contains no cholesterol or saturated fat.
  3. Good source of protein, with about 5 grams per cup.
  4. Low in carbohydrates and calories, making it a healthy choice for people who are watching their weight.
  5. Cashew milk has a creamy texture and a mild, nutty flavor that makes it a popular choice for smoothies, coffee drinks, and baking.
  6. Easy to digest and may be a good choice for people who are lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy.
  7. Good source of antioxidants and nutrients that are beneficial for the heart and brain.

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Cashew milk has a lot of nutrients is a very good milk for people who are malnourished and need to add many nutrients.

Cashew milk has a lot of nutrients and It’s very good milk for people who are malnourished and need to add many nutrients.

Cashew Milk Is Very Rich In Nutrients

Cashews are nuts that have a lot of good nutrients for the body, they are known as superfoods. In, A 100-gram serving of cashew nuts provides 50 percent of your body’s daily zinc requirements. Zinc plays an important role in regulating metabolism and healing wounds. Copper, another mineral found in cashews, also helps the body heal wounds and fight bacterial infections. Magnesium, which cashews contain in amounts similar to nuts like almonds and walnuts, helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Therefore, cashew milk is very good milk for people who are malnourished and need to add many nutrients. Cashew milk helps prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases, suitable for everyone, especially pregnant women, children, and the elderly. Cashew milk is not only delicious in taste but also rich in nutrition.

Nutrients in cashew nuts:

  • Calcium: Cashew milk is a rich source of calcium.
  • Magnesium: Cashew milk is a source of magnesium.
  • Protein: Cashew milk is a good source of protein.
  • Vitamins: Cashew milk is a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, and E.
  • Minerals: Cashew milk is a source of copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, and magnesium.

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Cashew milk helps prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases, suitable for everyone, especially pregnant women, children, and the elderly.

Cashew milk helps prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases, suitable for everyone, especially pregnant women, children, and the elderly.

Table Of Nutrition in cashew milk:

Cashew milk nutrition chart of 1 cup 240 ml of homemade cashew milk. This milk is made from 28 grams of cashews and purified water.

Cashew Milk Nutritional   240 ml of cashew milk (made from 28 grams of cashew nuts & purified water)
Energy 160 Kcal
Carbs 9 grams
Protein 5 grams
Fat 14 grams
Fiber 1 gram
Magnesium 20% DIV
Iron 10% DIV
Potassium 5% DIV
Calcium 1% DIV
Cashew milk nutritional value

Cashew milk has a lot of nutritional value good for our health.

Cashew Milk Benefits vs Dairy Milk for our Healthy

The popularity of cashew milk is largely due to its rich nutrients which include protein, healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. Nutrients you get from cashew milk include unsaturated fatty acids that boost heart health, and magnesium which plays a vital role in regulating blood pressure, heart health, and nerve function… are better than dairy milk.

Benefits of Cashew Milk for our Healthy:

  • Help weight management.
  • Good for bone health.
  • Enhance heart health.
  • Boost immune health.
  • Good for eye health.
  • Boost brain function.
  • Supports blood clotting function.
  • Improves blood sugar control.
  • Very good for Women’s skin
  • Improve anemia.
  • Easily add cashew milk to your diet
  • Prevent & Anticancer Cancer effects.
  • Can prevent anemia
  • ….

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What is cashew milk good for:

What is cashew milk good for? Cashew Milk is Good For heart health, eye health, bone health, and helps to boost your immune and brain function.

What nuts can mix with cashew milk?

  • Cashew Milk mixed with dried nuts.
  • Sweet Potato Cashew Milk.
  • Black Sesame Cashew Milk.
  • Oat Cashew Milk.
  • Cashew Milk – almonds – spinach.

Is cashew milk keto-friendly?

YES! Cashew milk is one of the Keto-friendly milk. Also Unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk, macadamia nut milk, flax milk, soy milk, cashew milk, and pea milk — along with half-and-half and heavy cream — are all keto-friendly milk options. Cashew milk is a less common milk alternative in comparison to almond milk and coconut milk but it is often considered more keto-friendly than the other two due to its higher fat content.

List of milk good for keto:

  • Nuts Milk
  • Almond milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Macadamia nut milk
  • Flax milk
  • Soy Bean milk
  • Cashew milk
  • Pea milk

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Is cashew milk keto-friendly? YES! Cashew milk is one of the Keto-friendly milk

Is cashew milk keto-friendly? YES! Cashew milk is one of the Keto-friendly milk

Cashew milk side effects?

Cashew Milk is a good source of protein, fat, and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and selenium… However, If you drink too much cashews milk a day you can lead to health problems like headaches, nut allergies, and drug interactions,… But these side effects of cashew milk are very rare.

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The Major Effects If you drink too much cashew milk you may cause:

  • Weight gain
  • Headache
  • Nut allergy
  • Drug interactions
  • ….
Side effects of cashew milk are very rare.

Side effects of cashew milk are very rare.

Does cashew milk cause acne?

Drink Cashew Milk Does NOT Cause Pimples! Not only does not cause Pimples but eating cashews regularly is also very good for the skin. and does not cause acne. Pimples occur due to many reasons such as allergies, using many inappropriate makeup chemicals, genetics, and hormonal changes in sweat glands that also cause acne. Cashew milk is known as acne-fighting nutrients.

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Eating Cashews Does NOT Cause Acne! Not only does it not cause acne, but eating cashews regularly is also very good for the skin

Cashews Does NOT Cause Acne! Not only does it not cause acne, but eating cashews regularly is also very good for the skin

Recipe How to Make Cashew Milk:

Cashews are a good nut for making Cashew Milk because they’re high in protein, Fat… They’re also a good source of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. Here are some ways to cook with cashews

Prepare Ingredients To Make Cashew Milk:

  • 500ml of boiling water to cool.
  • 200ml fresh milk (or water).
  • 100g Cashew Kernels.
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  • Sugar
  • 1 clean cloth or ray.

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Hạt điều nguyên hạt đã bóc vỏ chất lượng cao tại Kimmy Farm

The type of Cashew that can use to make Cashew Milk Includes:

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Một số loại Hạt ĐiềuVỡ thông dụng bao gồm: WB, WS, LWP, SWP, BB

3 Steps To Make Cashew Milk Include:

Step 1: Clean and soak cashews

Buy cashews with white kernels, then clean them and soak them in water for about 2 hours to soften them, then take them out. (If you are more careful, you can cook the cashews for 20 minutes to soften them without soaking.)

Hạt điều nhân trắng đã qua quá trình làm sạch

Step 2: Puree cashews, add fresh milk

After the cashews are drained, put them in a blender with a little water and grind until smooth. After the cashews have been ground fine, add cinnamon powder, fresh milk, and the rest of the water to grind a little more to smooth.

Step 3: Cook cashews with milk and filter again

Cook cashews with milk. After that filter out the residue cashews. Take the prepared cloth or rail, and place it over the mouth of a large mug or bowl. Pour the ground cashew nut juice on a towel or filter to remove all the residue. The rest of the mixture is cashew milk. We can add sugar to the milk according to each person’s taste. So there is a delicious cashew milk dish, this drink can be used instead of milk for the morning. Cashew milk is very suitable for babies, women, and the elderly. It is very nutritious and easy to drink. Good luck.

Cashew Milk Is Good For Everyone

Who Can Drink Cashew Milk? EVERYONE Can Drink them.


  • For babies from 6 months: Parents can gradually introduce cashew milk to children. Start with a small portion of about 30-50 ml/day to see if your child is absorbing it well.
  • For a child older than 1 year: you gradually increase the amount of milk as well as diversify different types of nut milk such as: soy milk, peanut milk, and walnut milk … to provide many nutrients for children to develop.


For those of you who are adults, we can be more comfortable drinking cashew milk to supplement a large number of nutrients in cashews to help fight malnutrition. We can drink cashew milk from 200ml to 300ml divided into several meals a day. Depending on the number of nutrients you need, you must balance the amount of cashew milk you consume to avoid the risk of obesity because of an excess of nutrients.

Sữa hạt điều chứa: chất béo lành mạnh, protein, và nhiều loại vitamin và khoáng chất...

Pregnant women:

Because pregnant women need to supplement a large number of nutrients for the comprehensive development of the fetus. Therefore, at this time, pregnant women can drink a lot of cashew milk, which will be very good for young brains. Experts advise pregnant women to drink pumpkin seed milk from 200ml to 500ml divided into several meals a day. However, you should be aware that if you have a nut allergy, you should not drink it.

How Do Preserve Cashew Milk?

Can cashew milk go bad? YES! Cashew Milk Will Go bad and spoil so quickly. Because the way we make fresh cashew milk at home is using pure cashews, no preservatives. That is Why when Cook Cashew milk, we have to take some steps to help preserve the milk for a long time.

Bảo quản sữa hạt điều tốt nhất là để trong tủ lạnh ở ngăn mát với nhiệt độ từ 3 - 5º C là nhiệt độ lý tưởng.

5 Basic Steps to preserve cashew milk:

  1. When the cashew milk is finished cooking, you should let the milk cool completely.
  2. Use your finger to touch the milk, it feels cold and it doesn’t feel any warm, then you put it in the refrigerator.
  3. Cashew milk is best stored in the refrigerator in a cool compartment with a temperature of 3 – 5º C is the ideal temperature.
  4. When pouring cashew milk into a drinking glass, you should not leave the milk bottle outside for too long, it will cause the cashew milk to spoil quickly.
  5. Cashew Nut milk can be heated but must be consumed immediately, nut milk can spoil if you put it back in the refrigerator.

7 Other Mixed Cashew Milk Recipes Includes:

Oat Cashew Milk

Cashew oat milk dish is suitable for most ages, especially children. In addition, for those who love beauty, this is also one of the drinks that ensure weight control, keep fit, and create a feeling of fullness for a long time, so it is necessary to drink before meals. Oat Cashew Milk Supports Weight Loss and Faster Fullness: Oats & Cashew Nuts have a lot of benefits for human health that are help to lose weight, and eat full, extremely good for women who want to keep in shape. body. According to research, oats ranked 3rd in 38 popular foods today with the ability to create a feeling of fullness for a long time without causing much hunger. Therefore, cashew milk mixed with oats is a delicious and nutritious dish that everyone loves.

Sữa Hạt Điều Yến Mạch

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato with Cashew Milk

Delicious pumpkin sweet potato cashew milk is very good for the health of the drinker, in which Cashew nut is a nutritious nut that helps prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases, suitable for everyone, especially pregnant mothers, children young people and the elderly. Cashews, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes are the perfect combinations for cashew milk Mix pumpkin and sweet potatoes are not only delicious in taste but also have many nutrients that are good for the human body.

Sữa Hạt Điều Khoai Lang Bí Đỏ Không Những Giúp Giảm Cân Mà Còn Chứa Nhiều Chất Dinh Dưỡng.

Cashew Milk and Black Sesame Seeds

Cashew nuts and black sesame seeds are an extremely nutritious combination and a good source of protein and essential minerals, including copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc… Contains 0% Cholesterol. Using cashews properly not only helps fat people lose weight but also can help gain weight for those who want, thanks to this great use of cashews, there have been many dishes created from it, cashews are not but can make delicious snacks such as salted roasted cashews, butter roasted cashews, garlic, and chili cashews, but also can be a great ingredient to make dishes become delicious and strange like fried chicken with cashew nuts, cashew milk with black sesame, cashew salad with shrimp, ... Today, Cashew Price will share with everyone a recipe to make cashew milk mixed with black sesame at home delicious, hygienic and very good for health.

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Sữa Hạt Điều Mè Đen Thức Uống Người Giảm Cân Nên Biết.

Cashew Milk and Lotus Seeds

Cashews & Lotus Seeds are of the high-quality nuts with many nutrients, because they are rich in nutrients, they are often used to make different and diverse dishes, including milk. cashews mixed with lotus seeds. Cashew nuts are a delicious and nutritious snack that is loved by many people. Lotus seeds are proven to be very good for health, helping to enhance and improve the body. With these useful uses, lotus seeds are used a lot in cuisine and medicine.

Hạt điều & Hạt Sen là một trong những loại hạt cao cấp có nhiều chất dinh dưỡng, chính vì có nhiều chất dinh dưỡng nên chúng thường được dùng để chế biến thành các món ăn khác nhau và đa dạng trong đó kể tới là món sữa hạt điều trộn hạt sen.

Cashew Milk Honey

Cashews are not only with delicious fatty flavor. But inside they are rich in lutein, magnesium, vitamin K, phosphorus, calcium, antioxidants, etc. Therefore, when using cashews to cook milk, they will obviously become a delicious and nutritious drink. nursing. And honey is one of the long-standing folk medicine used by many people, they are used to: help enhance memory, prevent gastric reflux, and support the treatment of hemorrhoids… Cashew Milk Honey This is the perfect combination for you.

Sữa Hạt Điều Mật Ong là sự kết hợp tuyệt với dành cho các bạn.

Cocoa Cashew Milk

Cashews and cocoa are two very common nuts in daily life. They are known for many different effects in health as well as in beauty. These two types of nuts are loved by many people from the elderly to children. In general, they are suitable for all ages because of their delicious taste.

Hạt điều và ca cao là 2 loại hạt rất thông dụng với cuộc sống hằng ngày. Chúng được biết đến với nhiều tác dụng khác nhau trong việc tốt cho sức khỏe cũng như trong sắc đẹp

Matcha Cashew Milk

Cashew nuts are highly nutritious and a good source of protein and essential minerals, including: copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Contains 0% Cholesterol. Cashews and matcha are two very common ingredients in making delicious cakes. In addition to making delicious cakes, they are also known for many different effects in health as well as in beauty.

Hạt điều và matcha là hai loại nguyên liệu rất thông dụng trong việc làm các món bánh ngon