What cheap food source available for BSFL can be found in our town? The Low-cost Food source for BSF larvae is always a question for breeder in Vietnam. Here are some ideas for a low-cost food source for BSF larvae and some of their pros and cons. Let’s explore with Kimmy.

5 Cheap foods Ideas for your black Soilder Fly Larvae Easy to Find:

  • Leftover Food
  • Coffee grounds.
  • Rotten Organic: Fruits, vegetables, tubers
  • Animal feces.
  • Soybeans, corn, potatoes

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Nguồn thức ăn của ấu trùng ruồi lính đen thường rất đa dạng và dễ tìm kiếm

Nguồn thức ăn của ấu trùng ruồi lính đen thường rất đa dạng và dễ tìm kiếm và giá thành thường rất rẻ tiền.

Leftovers Food

Today, The world is presently creating more food waste. In 2018, the city small size threw away around 800,000 tons of food waste. These leftovers are now collected and burned – it’s a waste of energy. Leftovers are cooked foods intended for human consumption but not used up and discarded. This food source is high in protein, fat, and grease which is great for raising your larvae. Black Soldier fly larvae love to eat rotting food, and cooked leftovers are often rotting and very soft. However, remember to prepare your food so that it has a moisture content of 60% or more, which helps to feed the fly larvae and convert food.

Coffee grounds

In the wild, adult black soldier flies are often attracted to the aroma of coffee baits, fly in and lay eggs on it. So it’s very natural to feed your BSF larvae with coffee grounds and should be done. Coffee grounds are very nutritious, often a human drink, so they are much better and safer than the other raw fly foods you feed them. However, coffee grounds are not always available. If your fly farm nearby has a large coffee shop, this is a huge opportunity, get or buy coffee grounds from them.

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Fruits, Vegetables, tubers

In some fruit and vegetable growing areas, there is often a lot of discarded vegetables and fruits. This is often a good source of food for your fly larvae in abundant, cheap quantities. Some types are cheap watermelon, leftover dragon fruit, papaya, pumpkin, sweet potato, coffee berries, etc. The advantage of these foods is that they do not smell too heavy like some stale meats. In addition, these spoiled fruits are often sold very cheaply or for free, which helps to reduce your fly feeding costs. Another thing to look out for is the high residue of potentially harmful chemicals or pesticides in these fruits and vegetables. Treat or let them ferment before feeding your fly farm larvae.

Animal Manure.

Animal manure that is good for BSF larvae is chicken and pig manure. These are carnivores that eat a lot of protein-rich animal feed so their manure is great for your BSF larvae. The feces from herbivores like cows, goats or horses may not be the best food source for your larvae. Because they are fairly fibrous and contain lignin or cellulose, your fly larvae may not digest as well. And the obvious downside to using animal manure is that their stink will spread throughout your farm. But in return, the fertilizer is cheap with an abundant supply. The larvae thrive on fertilizers high in protein compared to rancid fruits.

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