Farmers Receive 160,000 Cashew Seeds.

To promote raw cashew nut production in the city, the West Sunyani City Council has launched a program to distribute 160,000 improved cashew seedlings to 1,450 registered farmers in Odumase, and Bono Region. The distribution of cashews is associated with the government’s primary program, Growing for Export and Rural Development (PERD), which is one of five components of the Grow for Food and Jobs initiative (PFJ). The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) has established five separate nurseries in the city to deliver seedlings to farmers’ homes. There are growth sites in Ayakomaso, Fiapre, and two locations in the district town, Odumase.

It is anticipated that the conference will require five days to disseminate all 160,000 seedlings to registered farmers. Since the inception of the PERD program, the association has assisted over 3,000 improved cashew producers in the project region. In the next five years, the group plans to invest in cashew nut production in order to transform this West Sunyani city into a regional commodity center.

City Council Statement

During the introduction of the innovative cashew tree, Sunyani West City (MCE) CEO Evans Kusi Boadum described the PERD program as a game-changer due to its emphasis on agricultural cultivation. According to him, one of the primary advantages of the program is its ability to resolve the crucial issue of the country’s foreign exchange earning capacity. Mr. Boadum explained that when President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo discusses Ghana’s Beyond Aid, he means that all of these little things will go a long way toward increasing people’s income and purchasing power. He added that the program also seeks to create a sustainable base of raw materials for farmers across the nation, in order to increase the country’s export revenue from agricultural products.

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