Mozambique is set to witness a significant economic surge with the latest addition of the 12th cashew nut processing factory in the Nampula province. Announced by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Olegario Banze, this exciting development marks a momentous occasion for the agricultural industry in the country.

12th Cashew Nut Processing Factory Goes into Operation

Great news for the economy of Mozambique as the 12th cashew nut processing factory is set to begin operations in Mozambique. Deputy Minister of Agriculture Olegario Banze announced this exciting development on November 23, 2022, during the launch of a new factory in Nassaruma, Nampula District. The processing plant is expected to process 15,000 tons of raw cashews per year, which will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of Mozambique’s economy. Although the new factory is still undergoing testing, it will soon join the ranks of 11 other successful cashew processing plants in Mozambique. This positive development is expected to bring in a net profit of around US$87 million for cashew nut producers in the country during 2022-2023. With such a significant increase in cashew processing plants, we anticipate a substantial boost in the local economy and the creation of job opportunities for many Mozambicans.

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Mozambique’s Big Effort In Self-Processing Raw Cashews

Mozambique has recently made significant strides in the self-processing of raw cashews. The government’s agricultural development program, in partnership with the private sector, is aimed at empowering cashew nut producers and expanding the acreage for this valuable crop. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr. Olegario Banze explained that their ministry has been working tirelessly to financially support private cashew companies, allowing them to increase and expand their cashew processing capabilities. These efforts will undoubtedly benefit the economy of Mozambique and its people, creating a path toward sustainable growth and development.

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Mozambique’s recent program aimed at self-processing raw cashews has been making noteworthy strides in the global nut industry. According to Mr. Banze, the program not only focuses on cashews, but also extends to other nut varieties such as cocoa, macadamia nuts, and coffee. This widespread initiative has the potential to leverage the country’s favorable agro-climatic conditions and position Mozambique as a major player in the nut industry. This move towards self-processing not only enhances the country’s economic growth but also creates employment opportunities for local communities. With such progressive measures, Mozambique is poised to reclaim its standout position in the global market.

Diseases and Economic Crisis Affecting the Cashew Industry in Mozambique

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainties, the cashew industry in Mozambique is experiencing a significant decline in workforce numbers. According to a spokesperson from the Harculete Cashew Industry Association, the number of workers in the industry has dropped by over 13% in comparison to 2021 due to the epidemic and economic crisis. Currently, there are only 4,011 workers, of which 67% are women.

Despite these challenges, the association aims to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country by creating more jobs and bringing more products to both national and international markets in the future. In the 2021/2022 crop year, the industry processed 32,663 tonnes of cashews, indicating a positive growth of 6.5% in comparison to the previous year’s production of 30,664 tonnes.

The effects of the illness and economic crisis on Mozambique’s cashew industry are of concern not just for the industry itself but for the country’s economy at large. As a primary producer of cashews, the industry plays an important role in the country’s exports and generating employment for many locals. The current decline in workforce numbers and its potential consequences are a point of focus for many stakeholders in the sector.

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