We love to eat cashew nuts, but in the cashew industry, the hard shell of cashews (or: raw cashew shell) is often discarded. That is a huge waste. Recently, a study from a professor at Amrita University – California, showed that anacardic acid extracted from the hard shell of cashew nuts can cure abscesses and wounds for people.

Cashew Shell Liquid Oil With Antibacterial

Rector of the School of Biotechnology, Amrita University, Bipin Nair said: “It has been known for a long time that the oil extracted from cashew nutshell has antibacterial properties. This oil is used to heal wounds and to treat diseases such as tooth ulcers and abscesses, as well as an anesthetic for diseases such as leprosy and psoriasis. Impurities are not good for your health. So we must extract anacardic acid (substances with antibacterial effects) to remove harmful impurities before using them popular in healing in modern wisdom. now on.

Dầu từ vỏ điều có chất kháng khuẩn tự nhiên

Dầu từ vỏ điều có chất kháng khuẩn tự nhiên, đang được nhiều nhà khoa học quan tâm nghiên cứu.

Anacardic Acid In Cashew Shells

Although Amirta-California professors added: “The antibacterial properties in anacardic acid are there, but there is a long way to go before we can successfully develop a drug out of it. is still underway with other groups to further demonstrate the antibacterial activity of anacardic acid against several bacterial species, including Propionibacterium acnes, Staphylococcus aureus, and Helicobacter pylori. Increasing the process of extracting anacardic acid from cashew shells in the future will increase the value of the cashew industry worldwide.”

Cấu trúc của Axit-Anacardic có trong vỏ hạt điều đang được các nhà khoa học nghiên cứu phân lập, phát triển.

Cấu trúc của Axit-Anacardic có trong vỏ hạt điều đang được các nhà khoa học nghiên cứu phân lập, phát triển.

Vietnam Is Waste Of Cashew Shells

Currently, in Vietnam, the cashew shell has been abandoned. Vietnam is one of the most famous cashew exporters in the world. However, this huge source of raw materials is dumped, causing a great loss of revenue but also causing serious environmental pollution! In the Philippines, using acids contained in cashew nut shells to create topical drugs that are effective against abscesses because they kill a wide spectrum of Gram + bacteria. Known: Cashew bark is scraped and soaked overnight or boiled for skin disinfectant. Crushed cashew nut shell on the snake bites to treat snake venom. Cashew nut shell oil is used as an antifungal agent to cure cracked heels. In Malaysia, the bark of the cashew tree is turned into water to treat diarrhea and thrush in children, while the water from the leaves is used to treat sore throats. Currently, cashew nut export companies in Vietnam are promoting the export of raw cashew shells to the world market.

Nguồn vỏ hạt điêu phế phẩm từ ngành sản xuất điều Việt Nam đang bị lãng phí

Nguồn vỏ hạt điêu phế phẩm từ ngành sản xuất điều Việt Nam đang bị lãng phí lớn.

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