Cashew nuts are known to provide many health benefits for the body such as minerals, protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and several other minerals. However, any type of food has disadvantages when eating cashews is likely to cause symptoms of bloating, and indigestion… So why do we eat cashews and become uncomfortable? flatulence? Here, let’s explain why eating cashews cause indigestion right in this article.

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Why Does Eating Cashews Cause Bloating?

Cashews contain a lot of fat

Cashews are known to be rich in fat. Fat is the most valuable nutrient in cashews. Consuming too much fat in cashews maybe cause symptoms like bloating and nausea in some people, like those with persistent indigestion. Consuming a lot of fat can negatively affect the stomach leading to gastrointestinal side effects such as bloating and indigestion. Therefore, all fatty foods including cashews can cause these side effects in people with digestive disorders. You may feel a swelling or tightness in your abdomen which can even lead to severe pain. Therefore, you should limit your intake of cashews when you have symptoms of bloating that lead to discomfort for you

Ăn quá nhiều hạt điều có thể khiên bạn bị đầy hơi đau bụng.

Eating too many cashews maybe cause you to have gas, indigestion, and stomach pain.

Contains High Carbohydrates

Cashew nuts have the potential to make you gas because they are a food high in FODMAPs, which are potentially hard-to-digest carbohydrates that upset the stomach. FODMAPs fermenting in the gut can cause a variety of digestive symptoms including bloating. To minimize gastrointestinal side effects, you should limit your consumption of foods high in FODMAPs, such as cashews, which can cause similar symptoms.

Hạt điều chứa lượng carbohydrate cao có thể lên men trong ruột gầy ra chứng khó tiêu

Cashew nuts contain a high amount of carbohydrates that can be fermented in the intestines, causing indigestion

Why Eat Cashew Nuts Maybe Cause Diarrhea?

Cashew nut allergy

One of the symptoms of a cashew allergy that many people experience can be stomach upset and diarrhea. If the case of consuming cashews and every time you use them, you experience the above symptoms, then you most likely have a cashew allergy. And of course, you should not confuse a cashew allergy with bloating because they only bring discomfort in the intestines without causing diarrhea.

Dị ứng có thể xảy ra khi bạn ăn hạt điều

Allergies can occur when you eat cashews, if you are sensitive to nuts, please note this.

Consumed Uncooked Cashews

Cashews that have not been fully cooked can be the cause of stomach upset and diarrhea. Cashews that have not been produced and tested are very likely to be under-roasted or immature. Therefore, you should consume cashews that have undergone thorough sorting and processing.

Uncooked Cashews can be the cause of stomach upset and diarrhea

Uncooked Cashews can be the cause of stomach upset and diarrhea

Eat too many cashews in a day

What happens when you eat too many cashews in 1 day? According to nutrition experts, the human body is allowed to consume from 15 to 30 cashews per day. Eating too many cashews can cause diarrhea. Not only cashews, but any food also needs reasonable and scientific when you eat them.

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Eating too many cashews can cause digestive disorders

Eating too many cashews can cause digestive disorders.

Consumption of poor-quality cashews

Consuming poor-quality cashews can lead to more serious consequences than diarrhea. There are some typical cases when many sellers use bleach or preservative additives to preserve the color and longevity of the seeds. Currently, on the market, there are many traders and shops selling all kinds of cashews with no brand name, no expiration date, and no detailed product information. We believe that a Smart consumer will choose health as the top priority when choosing clean and safe food.

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Consuming poor-quality cashews can lead to more serious consequences than diarrhea.

Consuming poor-quality cashews can lead to more serious consequences than diarrhea.

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