In 2021, Vietnam exported 609.260 tons of cashew kernels with a worth of 3.75 billion USD, up 16.81% compared to 2020.

Vietnam The Largest Raw Cashew Nuts Importer

Vietnam Cashew Industry – The largest raw cashew import ever with over 3.1 million tons of raw cashew nuts. For the first time, Vietnam imported up to 1 million tons of raw cashew nuts from Cambodia, while previously mainly imported from African countries.

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Vietnamese Cashews 90% Of Market Share in the US

Currently, Vietnamese cashews account for 90% of the market share in the US and China, 80% of the market share in the Netherlands, and 60% of the market share in Germany. However, 2021 also recorded two new records of the cashew industry, which is the record for the largest raw cashew import ever with over 3.1 million tons of raw cashew nuts and the first time that Vietnam imported from Vietnam.

In the past few years, nuts have become a staple of the Chinese diet. In order to implement the national health policy, China even released a “Dietary Guidelines for the Chinese People”. This guide emphasizes the daily consumption of nuts. According to the Chinese Food Pagoda, the dietary guidelines encourage the general public to consume plenty of cereals, tubers, whole grains,…

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Total Cashew Areas Vietnam in 2021

  • Total cashew area: ~ 297,000 ha
  • Raw cashew output: ~ 380,000 tons
  • Average yield: 1.31 tons/ha
  • Beginning of the season: January, February
  • End of season: May, June.

The special feature of Vietnam cashew nuts kernel:

  • Size: Medium and Small Size. (W240, W320 cashew)
  • Shape: Kidney shape with the big round at the beginning and smaller to the ending.
  • Color: Dark skin inner and nice pale ivory color.
  • Flavor: Cashews have a rich nutty flavor, similar to almonds or peanuts. When pureed, it may be hard to distinguish cashew butter from other nut butter like peanut or almond.
  • Texture: Crispy, dry, not rancid & not have a strange smell like mold

W450 – W320 – W240