Raw Cashew Shell For Extract Oil From Vietnam

Cashew nutshell is the primary raw material for the production of cashew shell oil products. It can also be used directly as an industrial combustion fuel with high heat. The cashew shell is used to extract cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), which is an important by-product of cashew industry

Summary of raw cashew shell (only shell without nuts kernel):

  • Moisture: 12% max (as customer’s request)
  • Impurity: 2%max (as customer’s request)
  • Heat: Min 4300 Kcal (as customer’s request)
  • Origin: Binh Phuoc, Viet Nam
  • More Info: The hard outer shell of the cashew nut. Can be used as raw material for oil presses (CSNL). Can be used as burning material to keep the oven heat.

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