Cashew Testa Skin (Cashew Husk) Vietnam

Cashew testa (cashew husk, cashew nut husk, cashew skin, cashew husk skin, cashew nut husk) is a residue of cashew nut kernels processing. It contains high fat and protein, suitable for animal feed, tanning, industry, animal feed, fuel burning, fertilizer, compost making, etc…

Cashew Testa Skin (Cashew Husk) Vietnam Specification:

  • Moisture: 10 – 12% (or: as customer’s request)
  • Dust: 5% max (or: as customer’s request)
  • Ash: 2% max (or: as customer’s request)
  • Foreign matter: 0.5% max (or: as customer’s request)
  • Admixture: 1% (or: as customer’s request)
  • Origin: Binh Phuoc, Vietnam
  • Use for: Cattle, Horse, Pig, Camel, Sheep, Goat, etc
  • Packing: in 25 – 30kgs PP bag or jumbo bag, 500kg/bag or as buyer’s request
  • Cashew husk price: Contact us for Newest Price

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