Black Soldier Fly Eggs Weight: 25g

Buying BSF eggs at our farm is a great way for you to start building your own BSF farm. The BSF are naturally nutritious, protein-packed, high Lipids, calcium-rich treat good for the animal. Our BSF are farming from Tay Ninh and Binh Phuoc – Vietnam, where the soil & climate is most suitable for them. We are a specialized supplier of black soldier fly products in Vietnam.

Product Specification black soldier fly eggs 25g:

  • Type: Black soldier fly
  • Stage: Eggs
  • Condition: fresh eggs
  • Size: Very Small Eggs
  • Use for: Breeding stock
  • Origin: Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc – Vietnam
  • More info: 25 grams: ~925,000 eggs. (0.027mg / 1 egg). 25 grams of eggs produce about 900,000 – 925,000 larvae. larvae. Eggs are healthy, from flies that feed them Hatch rate depends on hatching conditions. Ideal hatching conditions lead to a higher hatch rate

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